Christian Matt’s research focuses on the Digital Transformation of firms and society, digital user experiences, as well as on the design of responsible AI-based services. His research projects often pursue empirical, interdisciplinary approaches to cover socio-technical effects that digital technologies and data-based services have on firms and society alike. Christian Matt has been responsible for a number of large research projects, and as a member of the research group at the University of Bern, he also supports the digital transformation in the legal field.

His have appeared in a wide variety of internationally renowned journals as well as magazines for practitioners. Selected publications include:

1. Digital Transformation of Firms and Society

  • Turel, O.; Matt, C.; Trenz, M.; Cheung, CMK. (2020): An Intertwined Perspective on Technology and Digitised Individuals: Linkages, Needs and Outcomes, Information Systems Journal (30:6), pp. 929-939.
  • Hess, T.; Matt, C.; Benlian, A.; Wiesböck, F. (2016): Options for Formulating a Digital Transformation Strategy, MIS Quarterly Executive (15:2), pp. 103-119.
  • Matt, C.; Hess, T.; Benlian, A. (2015): Digital Transformation Strategies, Business & Information Systems Engineering (57:5), pp. 339-343.

2. Digital User Experiences

  • Bründl, S.; Matt, C.; Hess, T.; Engert, S. (2022): How Synchronous Participation Affects the Willingness to Subscribe to Social Live Streaming Services: The Role of Co-Interactive Behavior on Twitch, European Journal of Information Systems (forthcoming).
  • Clemons, E.K.; Wilson, J.; Matt, C.; Hess, T.; Ren, F.; Jin, F. (2016): Global Differences in Online Shopping Behavior: Understanding the Factors that Lead to Trust, Journal of Management Information Systems (33:4), pp. 1117-1148.
  • Berger, B.; Matt, C.; Steininger, D. M.; Hess, T. (2015): It Is Not Just About Competition with “Free”: Differences Between Content Formats in Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay, Journal of Management Information Systems (32:3), pp. 105-128.

3. Design of Responsible AI-based Services

  • Weiler, S.; Matt, C.; Hess, T. (2022): Immunizing with Information – Inoculation Messages Against Conversational Agents’ Response Failures, Electronic Markets (32), pp. 239-258.
  • Lüthi, N.; Matt, C.; Myrach, T. (2022): Wertbasiertes Design von Entscheidungsunterstützungs­systemen - Von der Wertetabelle zur praktischen Umsetzung, HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik (59), pp. 525-537.
  • Lüthi, N.; Matt, C.; Myrach, T. (2021): A Value-Sensitive Design Approach to Minimize Value Tensions in Software-based Risk-Assessment Instruments, Journal of Decision Systems (30:2-3), pp. 194-214.

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